In a Cell Phone Minute

Published By: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Humorous

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

Designed like a flip-top cell phone, In a Cell Phone Minute humor writer Judy Reiser has collected dozens of cell phone stories.

Chapters are:

LOL (laughing out loud
Where RU
Auto Misdia
Saved by the Cel
RU Tlkn 2 Me
Lost and Foun
Jest Kiddi
Does My Insurance Cover This
Those #$%%^ Cell Phone
Customer Servic
Anytime Minutes

I bet you can think of your own cell phone story that would fit in any one of these categories.

For example, my friend Betsy answered to her phone to hear: "This is Red and White Cab. We found a phone in one of our cabs that had your phone number in it under MOM. Do you know who it belongs to?" Betsy's son, like so many people, have only a cell phone, no landline, and if they lose their phone, you can't even call them to say you found it--so those who did a little investigation usually call HOME or MOM and track down the owner. When Betsy went to pick up the phone, the woman's drawer was full of unclaimed phones. Now all Betsy had to do was find a way to tell her son she had his phone.

Armchair Interviews says: Reiser's collected stories are the good, the bad and the ugly about cell phones. We love ours, but hate the person who has rude manners, talks loudly in public (as if we care about his conversation) and generally annoy us. Great little gift book for those who think they must have a cell phone to their ear--or they are missing something!

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