Immortal Bonds

Published By: ArcheBooks Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Horror

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Reviewed by Liz Bright

Immortal Bonds is superbly crafted and a compelling story of the supernatural. This is the debut novel of author Dawn Scovill, a master storyteller. In this super natural format, anything can—and does happen from the beginning to the exhausting ending.

The main character, Jane Dougharty, is an immortal. She chooses to become a mortal again because of her husband Rand. Add in a 500-year-old Maltese Knight and the story takes off running—with your following at Olympic page-turning speed.

For those who love good storytelling, you are in for a wonderful treat as she not only tells a good story, but tells it very well. You’ll come to care about the characters—always the sign of a good read. I don’t want to tell much more as you deserve your own “fright.”

This was so scary I was reading and chewing my nails because I was so nervous—all the lights were on—and it was daytime!

This is an excellent work of fiction that is not to be missed. Scovill has developed a great plot and story line that makes this a pageturner.

Immortal Bonds is fast paced and a guaranteed engaging and credible read. Highly recommended.

Armchair Interviews says: If you love horror stories, this is an author to watch—and wait for her next offering.

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