Hot Ice

Published By: Ballantine Books

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Kathy Perschmann (Librarian, Carver County, Minnesota)

Hot Ice continues Adair's stories about the men and women of T-FLAC (Terrorist Force Logistical Assault Command), an elite anti-terrorist task force that is privately funded. This is the sensuous, sizzling and adventurous story of Huntington St. John and Taylor Kincaid.

The book opens with Kincaid, the athletic cat burglar, being brutally thrown back in a filthy jail cell in South America, after her fifth escape attempt. She was arrested for breaking into the safe of a notorious crime lord, on the trail of some famous and valuable diamonds. She also decided the safe's contents of miscellaneous papers and computer disks were worth taking also.

T-FLAC must have the computer disks to prevent a major terrorist attack. They've done a lot of research on Kincaid, and decide she must have the discs. T-FLAC member Huntington St. John is sent to rescue her. Temporarily blinded from a head injury, St. John gets her to safety, then in a very steamy scene, helps her to clean up. Leaving St. John handcuffed to the bed, Kincaid escapes, only to be caught months later by the team. Of course we discover later Kincaid's true job.

The villains of Hot Ice are insanely nasty; the plot and pacing is like an action movie, and the sex is hot enough that you'll need to read it with some cold water and a fan nearby.

Armchair Interviews says: There are a few hard-to-believe bits in the story. But Hot Ice is a fun, exciting, thrill-packed romp with attractive, tough, daring characters and exotic locales. It's NOT Jane Austen.

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