Hike Your Own Hike:

Published By: SonicTrek Press

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Travel

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Reviewed by Jan Warren

"Hike your own hike means that you should hike the trail in the manner that you enjoy, and not the way somebody tells you to hike. Although you should ponder the advice of others, ultimately make your own decision and focus on having fun!" (Author's quote from page 24)

This book is not a travelogue about Tapon's 2,168-mile hike over the Appalachian Trail. (According to the author, less than a fourth of the book is about the trail--and I feel strongly that 1% is non-essential baggage that the editor should have tossed out.)

Most of the book (75% according to his calculations.) contained the author's opinions on self-help or how to hike life's trail using the lingo learned on the Appalachian Trail.

If you are looking for clever repartee, in-depth information about walking the Appalachian Trail, or a book full of hard-earned trail wisdom that would translate to everyday practicality, you will be disappointed.

If you would like his opinion on everything from marriage, to weight loss and finances, he groups that information and more under titles that he relates to the trail. The seven chapters and an epilogue total 349 pages in all.

As an example, Chapter 1: Hike Your Own Hike, he gives his advice on marriage and relationships. (He considers marriage, job, your home or a long-term activity-like walking the A.T. as a Major Trail.)

Page 30, Author's quote: "If you're generally not enjoying a Major Trail for over four months, then create an Inflection Point by getting out of or changing that situation immediately so you can enjoy life again."

Chapter 3: Hike With Passion - A quote by D.L. Lawrence--page 106: "If it doesn't absorb you, if you don't love it, don't do it."

Armchair Interviews says: Listen to the reviewer and let that last quote guide you about whether to purchase.

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