Heaven Sent

Published By: Walk Worthy Press

Book Category: Fiction, Christian

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Reviewed by Cheryl Hiltibran

Heaven Sent by Montré Bible is a straight forward read addressing the continuous internal struggle of knowing how to navigate one's own religious/spiritual path

Andrew Turner is nearing the end of his senior year. Growing up black in the small town of Heaven, Texas, where he lives with his mother, Andrea, he has been well cared for and loved. As his mother's health begins to fail he senses life is about to change. Then he learns that a grandmother he has never known has died. His mother reveals she was adopted. She admits there are other family secrets she must share and vows to reveal them when the time is right. Before Andrea can share them she is killed in an accident. Andrew turns to his mother's close friend, Karen, in hopes that she can help him uncover the secrets and piece together the truth.

With every new event and secret revealed Andrew turns to the inner source—his relationship with God—to sort through each new development and decides how to respond. Andrew's compassion helps him to work through the loss of his mother while finding appreciation for his unique heaven-sent talents and for the family members he did not know he had.

The real world struggles of young love, senior prom, graduation and the uncertainties of what comes next requires his discernment. This believable small town life is mixed with Christian mystique directly connected to biblical scripture that allows the reader to ponder the story in the context of one's own life.

This novel is a great read for young adults who recognize, like Andrew, that their life path is unique. With an above-average level of patience and trust in God, Andrew's faith guides him as he lives his spiritual/religious life with deliberate consciousness, meeting each turn of events with a level of maturity that is rarely seen.

Armchair Interviews says: Heaven Sent, Montré Bible's first novel, maintains an even pace throughout the book, keeping the reader curious and interested. It has an excellent balance of dialogue, interaction and introspection.

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