Ginger Pye

Published By: Sandpiper

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Reviewed by Myra Calvan

More than anything else in the world, Jerry Pye wants a dog. The timing couldn't be better, for over at Speedy's barn a litter of newborn puppies has just arrived. Not only that, but there's one puppy who seems to be more special, more intelligent than all the others. Jerry, as well as his sister, falls totally in love with him. The owner agrees to sell the puppy to them--for one dollar.

But where will they find a dollar? Frantically, they try to raise the money doing small jobs. Another person also wants the dog very badly, so they must hurry. After working all day dusting church benches, they earn the money and rush to the barn.

Nothing could have made them happier as they take their brand-new puppy home. The puppy, named Ginger, turns out just as intelligent as Jerry had thought. An article on Ginger even appears on the Cranbury Chronicle, relating how the "Intellectual Dog," as he becomes known, once trailed Jerry to school and up a fire escape, to bring Jerry a pencil he had lost on his way to school.

Then disaster strikes the Pye home: Ginger vanishes

What has become of him? Who has kidnapped him? Could it be the strange man in the mustard yellow hat who has been mysteriously following them lately? But more importantly, will Jerry and Rachel ever see their beloved dog again?

What makes Ginger Pye compelling is the combination of humor and sadness. The author has mingled these two qualities so well that it's almost impossible for the reader not to become completely drawn to the young characters and their dilemma.

The plot is one young readers can easily relate to and become emotionally involved with. One of the most interesting aspects of the novel is how the story is sometimes told through Ginger's mind, not only with humor but with sensitivity as well.

Armchair Interviews says: This is a book young readers, especially dog lovers, will enjoy reading and not easily forget.

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