Freddy and the French Fries; Fries Alive

Published By: Little, Brown Young Readers

Book Category: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

David Baldacci, popular suspense novelist (Hour Game) tries his hand at writing for the younger crowd in Freddy and the French Fries: Fries Alive!

Nine-year-old science whiz Freddy Funkhouser is having a lousy time of it lately. His father, an inventor is on a losing streak; none of his inventions are making any money. On top of that, the family restaurant, the Burger Castle, is not making any money with their healthy food offerings. Bully Adam Spanker (his family owns the successful restaurant, Patty Cakes) continues to be Freddy's worst nightmare. And then there is the sister who wants to be an actress.

Freddy is determined to help his family by building a spectacular float for the Pookesville Founder's Day Parade. It might bring the family business out of obscurity and actually make it a money-making proposition. The problem is that the Spankers always win the contest.

But Freddie has some special ideas he's putting into play. And with the help of his only friend, Howie Kapowie, there just might be a way for Freddie to use his intellect and science to win the day. Can Freddy save the day? Not without his super-powered spuds!

Armchair Interviews says: Younger children will have a great deal of fun with Freddy, Howie Kapowie, and the super-powered spuds. It's an exciting story and just silly enough to grab their attention.

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