Forever Moments

Published By: PublishAmerica

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Poetry

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Reviewed Laura Langer

This book of poems is filled with the simply stated love of a man for the people and things around him in his daily life. The poems are filled with everyday statements of emotion in the kind of language that a father might use to make up a song to sing his child to sleep one night when all else has failed.

Each poem is short, generally containing one idea that the poet wants to communicate to the loved one. They stay at the level of the ordinary, and use metaphors and similes that are found in the most basic of poetic communication--the greeting card.

In "A Special Moment," Lewis writes:
Sometimes I get lonely
And thinking of you helps
Reminding me that there is a perso
I cherish so very much.

It is typical of both the sentiment and the style of these poems. There are few concrete images, nothing for the reader to hear except the abstract expression of emotion. The ones that appear--"The flowers come out to play" is one example--are neither original nor evocative.

These poems send a very particular sort of message: I am thinking of you, I love you, I wanted to tell you about it.

Armchair Interviews says: This would be a treasure for the author's family members and friends. As a work of poetry on its own, it never rises very high.

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