Fix-It and Enjoy-It!

Published By: Good Books

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Cooking

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Reviewed by Ashley Sinatra

Subtitled: All-purpose, Welcome-home Recipes

If your grandma was a great cook and wrote a cookbook, it would look a little something like this book--great for beginners and advanced cooks alike. It does not tell you how to cook, but gives a full variety of recipes that are easy and scrumptious looking, as well as crowd pleasing.

The layout clean and organized and does not startle the reader with cutesy or bright, hard-to-read fonts. Since this cookbook has recipes collected from different people, it reminds me of Southern women getting together on a Sunday afternoon to swap their treasured meal cards.

Fix-It and Enjoy-It gives recipes for just about everything from Texas caviar to homemade ice cream and breads. My mouth literally watered when I looked at all 675 of these recipes. The only thing I did not like was, there were no pictures.

For the price to eat out at a restaurant, one can have this book jammed pack with meal that will satisfy even picky palates. This book is really a gem among the rocks. Each recipe has an ingredient list that is uncomplicated with easy-to-find ingredients.

Phyllis Pellman Good humors her readers with a personal anecdote. I cannot believe that the author of so many cookbooks, including the great Fix-it and Forget-it series, once did not like or know how to cook!

Armchair Interviews says: The author is very encouraging and says, "If I can cook, you can too."

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