Fire of Grace: The Healing Power of Forgiveness


Book Category: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

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Reviewed by Sharon Broom

Into every life enters pain, suffering and loss. Sometimes it feels like there is no hope, and in our grief and despair we become angry. But, according to Richard W. Rouse, author of Fire of Grace, there is hope and in that hope lays reconciliation and forgiveness.

Rouse talks of forgiveness as a journey. He compares the stages of forgiveness to Kubler-Ross' stages in her book, On Death and Dying. They are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The steps are similar but not linear. The process is different for each person.

Through the personal story of the August 9, 1992 burning of his church, discussion questions, scripture reflection and prayer, we follow Rouse through the stages of forgiveness to the four steps of reconciliation, the restoration of relationships and the acceptance of God's Grace.

Fire of Grace is a thought provoking, insightful book that is easy to read and understand because of the author's ability to transfer his ideas with the help of his story of the burning of his church. This is a must read for everyone as we all need the healing power of forgiveness.

Armchair Interviews says: Read this book and give one to someone you know who is experiencing the need to forgive.

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