Fast Food Craze (The): Wreaking Havoc on Our Bodies and Our Animals

Published By: Canyon Publishing, LLC

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Health & Fitness

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Reviewed by Kornelia Longoria

The Fast Food Craze is a perfect guidebook for beginner vegetarians or people who think seriously about their health--and the well being of animals.

In the first part, the author explains in a clear and informative way what kind of effects junk food has on our bodies. She gives a lot of facts and examples, which is very convincing. It makes it easier to visualize every change that is done to our body by unhealthy food.

The next parts consist of a few chapters devoted to animals that are most often found on our plates. She makes us look at them in a different way--not as food but as live beings, very similar to human beings in ways they feel pain and experience other feelings. This part of the book is a sad and horrifying description of the treatment the animals undergo on their way to our plates. The horrible fate of animals is shown by numerous pictures, which is enough for the reader to pause for a while and think about their eating habits.

I think the book was a great enlightenment to me and hopefully to all the people who have read it. I'm not saying I am going to become vegetarian overnight, or that I ever become one, but I will definitely pay more attention to what is going on around me.

Thank you Ms. Volpe for writing this powerful eye-opener.

Armchair Interviews says: The book was short and to the point with appendices where you can find famous vegetarians/vegans, numerous book references as well as a short nutrition guide.

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