Eat Smart, Walk Strong

Published By: Center Street

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Health & Fitness

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Reviewed by Jan Warre

Eat Smart, Walk Strong contains common-sense advice that can help you lose weight. It's simple approach suggests that applying small lifestyle changes spread out over time will give you a better chance for long-term weight loss and better overall health.

For instance, a daily substitution of one soda/juice for water in you diet could net you a forty-five pound weight loss, per year, without altering your meals

As a veteran dieter, I'm as battle weary as a soldier giving my all to take the same hill over and over again only to be pushed back, often further than when I began my last assault. This book gives hope even to this cynic as it focuses on the ground (habits) hindering me, not on the mountain I stare at everyday.

According to the author, daily changes like walking 30 minutes, even in place if you don't have a treadmill. You'll have more feel-good energy, and if combined with drinking 8 glasses of water, you can expect a yearly weight loss of 30 pounds per year and cut the risk of diabetes by 58% and heart disease by 45%.

Included are secret pattern-busting activities as simple as saying grace before meals, turning off the TV while you eat, reinventing breakfast, and choosing glasses and dishes that reinforce your eating goals.

The book has three basis parts
1: We Make Our Habits, and Then They Make U
2: Six Weeks to a New Yo
3: Recipes for Lif

Also included is her Flex Questionnaire to identify an individual's problem issues.

Six sections the Flex Questionnaire focuses on are, Intentional Eating Habit, Breakfast Habit, Portion-Control Habit, Slow-Food Habit, Snack Habit, Restaurant Habit, and Exercise Habit.

The book contains colorful, simple, daily charts to fill out for six weeks. You are encouraged to log even minimal accomplishments. Each week has a designated habit to focus on, with recipes included. I'd say most of the recipes call for common items most well-stocked kitchens will have on hand.

Armchair Interviews says: If you are looking for an upbeat book that encourages you to try again by making small changes, then Eat Smart, Walk Strong will fit the bill.

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