Each Little Bird That Sings

Published By: Harcourt Children's Books

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Reviewed by Linda Lee

This book is full of humor, grace and love. Comfort Snowberger writes her own obituaries and tries to have them published in the local paper. She also has a list of "Top Ten Tips for First-rate Funeral Behavior" that, while hilarious, contains sound advice.

Death is a hard subject for adults and almost impossible for children to deal with. Comfort comes from a family that deals with it on a daily basis. The ten-year-old's family runs a funeral home, and she and her dog, Dismay, do their part to console the bereaved. But when death strikes the family, not once, but twice within a year, Comfort has to learn to deal with it on a personal level.

First is great Uncle Edisto, who has taught Comfort much about life and how it relates to dying. When great-great Aunt Florentine passes, it is almost more than Comfort can process in her young mind. She tries to do what she has learned from her family: the job of the survivor is to go on living.

This could be easier if her best friend, Declaration hadn't decided that now is the time to find other friends, friends who seem to exclude Comfort.

Comfort loves her family, her friends and her dog. She tries so hard to do what is right. Knowing that forgiveness is the right thing to do doesn't make it come easily, though, even when she needs forgiving as well. Little girls have their own way of dealing with life.

I loved this book. Wishing I had read it as a child, I intend to donate this one to the local library.

Armchair Interviews says: each little bird that sings is sweet, smart and truthful. Some books stay with you and make changes in the way you see things. This book is one of those. FYI: Book cover says it is a "coming of age" novel for ages 8 to 12.

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