Dry Ice

Published By: Dutton Adult

Book Category: Fiction, Suspense

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Psychologist and author Steven White revisits Michael McClelland, the villain of his first novel, Privileged Information in his newest thriller, Dry Ice.

After fifteen years in the Colorado State Mental Hospital, the vicious killer, Michael McClelland takes advantage of a staff 'slip-up' and walks away from the hospital. For psychologist, Alan Gregory, his wife Lauren (Boulder deputy DA), daughter Grace and best friend, Sam Purdy (Boulder police detective), it means the vengeful murderer will be after them in an attempt to settle some 'old scores.'

All is not, however, as it seems. Gregory expects a full-frontal physical attack by McClelland, and that is not what happens. As Gregory ponders the state of his marriage, his career and his secret past, the madman McClelland, uses his own brilliance and psychology in an attempt to destroy Gregory and those closest to him.

White's ability to take murder and mayhem and give it a 'twist' is what makes him one of the best thriller writers of today. In Dry Ice, White's twist is in giving us an intimate view of the heart, mind and everyday life of Alan Gregory and then serving up, not a physical attack on Gregory and his family, but a psychological attack. It makes for delicious, page-turning fun.

My only criticism is that White meanders in the beginning of the story, as if he's searching for the best way to lay out the back story, and that confused me.

Armchair Interviews says: A psychological thriller you'll remember long after you've closed the book on Dry Ice.

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