Dinner with a Perfect Stranger

Published By: WaterBrook Press

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Religion

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Reviewed by Bob Pike CSP, CPAE

The invitation came to him at the office. Perfect in every respect from the Crane stationery it was embossed on to the choice of place—an upscale Italian restaurant. Only one problem, the invitation is from Jesus. It has to be some sort of joke. If it is, it's an expensive one.

Nick Cominsky is a 30-something strategic planner with a lovely wife, Mattie, and a toddler daughter, Sara. Life should be great, but it's not. His 60–70 hour workweeks have stressed his relationship with Mattie. And there are things going on at work that just aren't right, but Nick feels powerless to do anything about it.

So Nick spends the next three weeks thinking about the invitation, wondering who sent it, and saying nothing to anyone. And on the day of the dinner invitation he goes—more out of curiosity than anything else. And he meets a man his age in a blue suit who answers to the name Jesus and claims to have been born in Bethlehem.

For the next several hours Nick has more than a meal. He throws up every objection he has to organized religion in any form—and gets no argument from Jesus. Instead he gets answers to all the things that have caused him pain and grief in his life. That includes what he can do to heal his marriage and most of all what it means to have a way to God, rather than a path—and why the difference is so important. And he learns who put his dinner guest up to sending him the invitation in the first place.

Armchair Interviews says: For the reader who has had more questions than answers about God—this book is for you. For the reader who has found God, but doesn't know how to answer the question—"Why should there be only one way?"—this book is for you. And to readers who want their walk to match their talk—this book is for you. We highly recommend it.

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