Digging Deep

Published By: Grand Central Publishing

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Nature

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Reviewed by Melinda Kurtz

This delightful book came to me at exactly the right time. The mont
of March in Wisconsin is one of the toughest months for anyone wh
loves gardening. Reading a pretty gardening book that focuses o
the gardener was exactly what I needed to make it through until th
first signs of spring began to arrive.

The author has divided this book up into stages of imagining
envisioning, planning, planting, tending, enjoying, and completin
your garden. Each stage was an affirmation for me of why I connec
with nature and have dirt under my fingernails all summer long.

Step by step, you are shown how to find the creativity within and trust your instincts as you allow yourself to dream your garden into being. While there is plenty of practical how-to information, most of the insights in this book lead you toward building the self-confidence to allow yourself to listen, experiment and bring your vision into full bloom.

This book will remain along side my other favorite gardening books t
be read again and again, whenever I need some gardening inspiration.

Armchair Interviews says: Gardening inspiration...what a great concept.

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