Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Published By: Amulet Books

Book Category: Fiction, Humorous

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

Subtitled: Greg Heffley’s Journal–a novel in cartoon

My kid came home (okay, he’s 31 and lives in NYC), and when he saw this book, he disappeared into his room with this New York Times Bestseller.

Now I’ve read it and the entire presentation is a hoot!

Hand-drawn cartoons with conversation balloons are all over the pages. Weird kids/adults are picture with odd characteristics–while popular ones are not. Hand-lettered copy appears neatly on wide-ruled (elementary school) line paper.

The book is written by a middle-school guy, so it’s a journal–not a DIARY!–so no one gets the “wrong idea”–him writing down feelings and all that “stuff.”

Greg gives his point of view on some these middle-school challenges:
– Where to sit in class.

– Sibling tricks (played on you).

– Which reading group he would belong to.

– Best friend.

– Back-up best friend.

– Popularity.

– Your image.

– Hanging out.

– Being talked to or yelled at by parent(s).

The diary (oops, journal) begins when school starts in fall and goes through the last day of school. Greg, the wimpy kid, deals with what to wear for Halloween, whether to try out for the school play or class officer, and advantages to being on the safety patrol.

Greg and his pal Rowley are always planning and cooking up ideas to get in or out of trouble. Greg, after his best friend was blamed for something that Greg actually did, says … I knew I should set the record straight, but I just am not ready yet. I know if I confessed… (We all understand that quandary, don’t we?)

The author is an online game developer and designer–who in his acknowledgements thanked a friend who wasn’t afraid to tell him if a joke stunk. They don’t. Such a true account of a kid struggling to fit in–and at the same time, and stand out but for the right reasons.

Armchair Interview says: If you ever were a middle-school boy, or you raised one, you’ll relate to this most interesting point of view and fun presentation.

Author’s Web site (and blog): http://www.WimpyKid.com

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