Deadly Dreams and Desires

Published By: AuthorHouse

Book Category: Fiction, Suspense

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Reviewed by Rowena Brew

I found this book an interesting read, with many twists and turns, and just the right mix of comedy and thriller to keep the reader entertained from start to finish.

When Detectives Tully and Saunders call at the door of Alex Jordan's house, she knows exactly what they want--to question her on the murder of their co-worker, Lt. Jack Stillman. Although they are sure that she committed the heinous act, they don't have enough to pin it on her, and thus hope to squeeze a confession out of her. So, when she offers them a full confession, as well as details of the other murders she has carried out--on one condition--they can't resist. That condition is that they interview her in her own house, surrounded by the things she loves, including her boxer, Ed.

Thus ensues a tale of abuse and misfortune, and the revenge that Alex carries out on those people who inflicted this abuse on her. The two detectives can hardly believe the tale of pure horror that unravels before their eyes, and begin to feel an element of compassion for their cop-killing interviewee.

This book's introduction states that this story is based on events that occurred in the author's past, but that all of the victims are still alive and well. I found this somewhat confusing, and it was very hard to identify the elements of truth, and what parts of the story were fiction. I feel that maybe the author should have elaborated somewhat on this statement, or leave it out altogether.

I also feel that the cover of this book does not do it justice. I found the cover very plain and not the type of cover that would attract its target audience--thriller readers.

Also, just a quick note: although the story is interesting, throughout the whole book there are words input incorrectly (for example to instead of too, or im instead of him). These problems could have been fixed it the author had the book edited or at least proofread before it was printed.

(Also, just a quick note: although the spelling in this book is very good, throughout the whole book there are words input incorrectly (for example "to" instead of "too," or "im" instead of "him").

All in all, an interesting read, but perhaps the introduction is somewhat confusing for the reader.

Armchair Interviews: Interesting story where proofreading would have helped the finished project.

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