Dark Star: Confessions of a Rock Idol

Published By: Multnomah Books

Book Category: Fiction, Christian

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Dark Star: Confessions of a Rock Idol by Creston Mapes is a book I didn't think I'd like when I first picked it up. Once I began, it was difficult to put down.

The novel switches between the story about the rise of Everett Lester and his rock band DeathStroke; letters from a young woman who feels called to help the band's leader receive salvation; and real time where the leader, who is accused of murder, is living the story he's been asked to write by a New York publishing house.

Everett, an abused kid, used music to escape his troubled home life. Then he and his garage band hit the "big time" where everything worldly (good and bad) is within his reach. There is alcohol, drugs and a life that is void of purpose and generally empty. People prey on Everett and a young woman in Kansas prays for Everett as he fights his own spiritual battle, one that is literally being waged for his soul as he is on trial forthe murder of Endora, his personal psychic.

Dark Star is a wonderful book. It may not be for everyone but I'd suggest giving it a chance. The writing style is compelling, the characters real and complex. But what hit me is the message of faith, hope and love—the love of everyone, even the lost. Especially the lost. It is the battle between God and Satan for the soul of a man. Armchair Interviews agrees: give this one a chance.

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