Cranium Data Head Book of Outrageous Fun! (The)

Published By: L,B Kids

Book Category: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

The Cranium Big Book of Outrageous Fun! was such a success that kids are now encouraged to join in the fun and celebrate how very smart they are and perhaps learn about new talents and interests.

The Cranium Data Head Book of Outrageous Fun! is more than 150 new activities designed for kids to play with others, or by themselves. If kids enjoy learning and investigating the world, Data Head will help them discover many interesting facts and challenge them to think in new ways.

There are rewritable activity pages, fun facts, data logs, writing exercises, facts about their bodies, handy work exercises and so much more. They will laugh and they will probably experience an "aha" or two. There is a magnifier, erasable marker, cranium clay, mini sand timer, 25 game cards, one die and one game piece included in the book box.

Armchair Interview says: This is a great everyday book of fun for kids ages 7 and older. But if you take car or plane trips or spend time in a doctor's office or hospital, this is a fun and compact item to take along. The kids and adults alike will love it!

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