Cookin' For Love

Published By: iUniverse Star

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Miriam Levy is of a certain age and admits it. She also contributes to her family, which is living lower than we all would expect in Beverly Hills, by authoring celebrities' cookbooks. Miriam is currently collaborating with Kimberly on A Starlet's Secrets of Sexy Cooking and longing to pen her own cookbook.&

Miriam is mom to college-bound twins Jake and Emma and to Lisa, a news reporter who is pregnant, unmarried, and wants her mother to be the full-time babysitter so she can concentrate on her career; wife to Alan, a former struggling screenwriter; and daughter to the mother who might be moving in with her.

Miriam's best friend Kate is a wealthy florist who continues, after many years, to lust after the only man she believes she ever loved. After checking out Erik on the Internet and contacting him, Kate learns Erik is the ambassador to Malaysia, married, and still lusts after her. Kate decides to travel to see Erik, to test her long-lost love and the desires of her loins. She drags Miriam along, giving her the escape from family responsibilities that seem to be closing in on her well-defined life.

Will Kate find true love? Will Miriam find herself and learn to establish personal boundaries? Will the reader survive all the scrumptious recipes at the end of each chapter?

I chuckled throughout the book and will read another of her novels. My only criticism is that so many books these days, including Cookin' for Love, treat "cheating on a mate" and bed hopping as normal and appropriate. But that is just a personal belief of mine.

Armchair Interviews says Cookin' for Love's author, Sharon Boorstin, writes a sassy and fun novel with many interesting twists and turns that can be enjoyed by all.

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