Published By: Crown

Book Category: Fiction, Horror

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Reviewed by Rachael Dimond

A mysterious and dangerous disease is infecting people all over the world, and it could become a serious epidemic if it isn’t cured quickly. Without any explanation, people are becoming murdering lunatics after developing the illness. Perry Dawsey is the only known man to survive the disease but he refuses to be of any assistance with helping a group of people figure out how to fight it. Perry has the unique ability to detect who is infected and once he discovers they are a carrier of the disease, he kills them.

Margaret Montoya, an epidemiologist and Dew Phillips, a CIA veteran, are trying to figure out how to save the human race but if Perry keeps on murdering every known carrier of the disease, how will they ever study it? When the disease becomes contagious, they realize this could mean the end of the world. Will a cure be found or will this determined alien disease destroy the entire human race?

Contagious continues the story that was started in Infection, Sigler’s previous book. If you haven’t read Infection, you might be lost for information while reading Contagious. The chapters are short and involve different characters, so many that it was hard to keep track of all of them. There is very little character development and after a while, it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of all these people. I am guessing the characters were already developed in the previous book and that is the reason for so little being said about them in Contagious.

The scientific and medical terms are very detailed and do not make for easy reading. Not having read the previous book so may be part of my confusion, but overall I struggled with Contagious. I enjoy thrillers but this one was very difficult at times and just didn’t thrill me at all.

If you enjoy Science Fiction books then you might enjoy Contagious but if you’re looking for an intense thriller I wouldn’t recommend it. Sigler’s novel is definitely very well thought out and extremely intelligent, maybe too intelligent for my taste.

Armchair Interviews says: The author says he writes in the “horror” genre. Heed the reviewer’s comments about needing to read Infection before Contagious.

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