Connecting With Your Kids

Published By: Bethany House

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Religion

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Timothy Smith is a speaker, family coach, author and president of Life Skills for American Families
In Connecting with Your Kids, Smith offers sound, logical and practical advice to help parents discover and embrace the idea that parenting does not have to overwhelm you or take all your time and resources. He gives permission to cut back on activities and reduce the frantic pace of life while enriching family relationships. Smith believes that each family has a distinct personality and he maps out a plan where parents can discover theirs. This allows them to live a fuller and richer life with their children--the life that God wants them to have.

Children want their parents to "be present." It is a message of love and that they "matter." By "slowing" down, Smith believes families can deepen their relationships with each other and experience joy.

The discussion questions at the end of each chapter involve both parents and children. They elicit information about the needs of each individual and the family as a whole. The appendix is particularly helpful in providing examples of no-agenda time with the different age groups within a family. It also provides a quick look at the different heartprint (styles) that exist in individual family members (Walkers, Runners, Cruisers, Biathletes) and provides varied ways to relate to each style.

Armchair Interviews says: If you want to slow your pace, enjoy your family more and live the family life God wants for you, Connecting with Your Kids is a manual that should be in your home. If you use it wisely and properly, it should look ragged and used in no time at all.

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