Clarence Goes Out West and Meets a Purple Horse

Published By: Rising Moon (Nrl)

Book Category: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Clarence really has it all. He's a "wee" pig with a nice apartment in the city. And he is fortunate enough to take a vacation. He's excitedly boarding a bus for a ranch out west. Clarence is even excited about the bus ride.

Things look pretty gloomy when Clarence arrives at the ranch. He's too late for dinner, he's forgotten his favorite pillow, and there isn't a familiar face in sight.

Life is brighter when the next morning Clarence meets Smoky, a large purple horse. They become fast friends and partake in simple adventures together. But when Smoky is no longer needed at the ranch, Clarence fears he'll never see his friend again. Clarence must figure out a way to keep his friend with him. Will he?

Clarence has pluck! And his sense of adventure is wonderfully refreshing. The delightful illustrations add so much to this lovely story of friendship and "going the extra mile" to stay together.

I found myself chuckling numerous times when I looked at the pictures of Clarence packing, having snacks on the bus and line dancing with Smoky. But my favorite is the last illustration in the book as it represents love and friendship.

Armchair Interviews says: Children will enjoy Clarence and Smoky's adventures and we suspect their parents and grandparents will also.

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