Choose Me

Published By: Walk Worthy Press

Book Category: Fiction, Christian

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Xenia Ruiz's debut novel, Choose Me, is definitely asking to be "chosen."

Eve Clemente is an African-Latina single mother of two college-aged sons. Recovered from a disastrous marriage, Eve is a strong Christian woman determined to maintain her five years of celibacy. She believes suffering contributes to the growth of people's faith.

Adam Black is a man with women problems and a probation officer, as well as being a cancer survivor who has put his Christianity on the shelf. He just doesn't understand why God would allow His children to suffer.

A man and a woman. Adam and Eve. They meet at a party and embark on a journey of learning to love—each other and God Himself. And while on their journey they agree to a celibate relationship (until marriage), which becomes increasingly difficult, given their mutual attraction and growing love for each other. The problem is: neither wants to get married. What to do, what to do?

Ruiz's novel is populated with real, rich and complex characters you will grow to deeply care and root for as they traverse the winding and bumpy roads of racism, celibacy, adultery and acceptance. I love Eve. We seldom have the opportunity to experience a Hispanic woman in Christian fiction. And Adam is a wonderful black role model. How refreshing in a society that often portrays African-American males as less than stellar.

Armchair Interviews says: We're looking forward to more from Ms. Ruiz!

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