Career Diary of a Caterer

Published By: Garth Gardner Company

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Reviewed by Cerri Ellis

The Career Diary series of books from Garth Gardner are excellent little vignettes into the daily life of each career featured and what it takes to make it successful. If you have ever considered changing jobs and think opening a catering business might be fun, you need to read Career Diary of a Caterer. The book is a 30-days-in-the-life journal which looks at exactly what it takes to own and operate a catering business. Readers will get an honest no-frills look behind the scenes at this rewarding but fast-paced occupation.

Author Heigl details daily activities such as organizing catering events, training staff, dealing with vendors and clients, prep work required for events, helping in the kitchen, billing and accounting, and troubleshooting last-minute problems. She shares wonderful examples of a few perks of the job as well as why she likes being a caterer.

The book was filled with hidden surprises. As an example, I had no idea caterers also arrange the venues for some of the events, such as booking ballrooms or halls. I thought the client did that and the caterer simply supplied the food and wait staff. I also had no idea that schools (at least in the author’s area) are given the choice of having professionally prepared, delicious and nutritious meals for students. I wish that had been an option when I was in school. I also never gave a thought to the incredible organizational skills and flexibility caterers must have to do their work.

After reading the author’s account of a-day-in-the-life, I know that it takes an exceptional person with a lot of endurance, incredible multitasking abilities, and the talent to “think on your feet,” in order to be a successful caterer.

I highly recommend Career Diary of a Caterer for people interested in the food service industry who might be looking to change career, or for parents with middle to high school age children who haven’t yet decided on a career path or perhaps want to see if their expectations meet in or near the vicinity of reality.

Armchair Interviews says: Interesting way for people to sample a profession.

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