Border Wedding

Published By: Forever

Book Category: Fiction, Historical

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Reviewed by Meg Sheridan

Reading the synopsis for this book I become very excited at the chance to review it. Never having read any of Amanda Scott’s earlier books, it was a chance to add yet another new author into my ever-growing book collection.

Lady Margaret, who goes by Meg, is a young maiden of eighteen years with two younger sisters. With no prospects for a husband in her foreseeable future, she becomes a pawn in an endless violence between Scotland and England. Sir Walter Scott, Wat to all that know him, is part of one of Scotland’s most powerful families. As he and his men set out on a path of revenge to regain what was stolen from him, they are captured by Lord Murray, Meg’s devious father. Only when Murray reveals his plan to kill both Wat and his men, does Lady Murray step in to save their lives and establish Meg’s future beyond what any of them could have imagined.

Amidst trials and tribulations, Wat and Meg find themselves caught up in a tug of war between their families and their blossoming feelings for one another. Meg must decide whether she will stand up to her unscrupulous brothers or betray the husband she has come to love.

Border Wedding starts off rather slow, quickly picks up the pace–and ends rather slowly. Scott’s vivid attention to details makes you feel as if you are indeed visiting Scotland each and every time you pick up her delightful book. Come along and take a trip with Meg and Wat as they are caught between clashing clans on the untamed and breathtaking Scottish borders.

Border Wedding is a fun, light read that is perfect as you wait for the kids as you carpool them around this summer.

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