Blood Will Tell

Published By: Boho Books

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Wendy Hines

Daphne comes from a special talented family. Her cousin Edmund can touch people’s thoughts, her other cousin Kat is an automatic writer for the dead, and Daphne herself can hear things no one else can. For example, she can hear when the blood in a body is not processing correctly; hear the cries coming from an accident many miles away from her; or speak to her mother who died seventeen years ago.

Daphne’s special talents come in handy in her job. She is a nurse at the local hospital and her talents have saved many lives. She also operates a free clinic on the seedier part of town. When a young boy speaks of a baby killer, Daphne’s world is soon turned upside down when she meets with a local cop.

Cousin Edmund is a beautiful man who dresses sharply and is admired by many women. He works out of a private office as well as helps Daphne at the free clinic from time to time. Edmund traded his soul to lighten the darkness that captivated his family many years ago. The one woman who could save him has turned her back.

Death is coming for both of them both. Can love find them first? With a diversified twist on the paranormal and characters overcoming their heartbreaking pasts, Blood Will Tell is a mesmeric tale. Atypical of the standard novel with two main characters, you will find yourself wanting to comfort the cousins and be joyful with them. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Armchair Interviews says: Good read for fans of paranormal romance.

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