Beyond the Bookstore: How to Sell More Books Profitably to Non-Bookstore Markets

Published By: Reed Press

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Writing/Publishing

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson (author in training)

First of all, I haven't written a book (yet) but like a lot of people...I have an idea!

From experience with the authors whose books I've edited, I know that writing the book for most people is ten times easier than the dreaded self-promotion/marketing.

Beyond the Bookstore truly covers the A-Z of finding other places and ways to sell your book--other than being listed on Amazon or B&N webpages or on a bookstore shelf.

Author Jud offers 79 easy-to-implement strategies for selling more books--and make more money. (When a book is sold through the big distributors, they take 55% and often discount the book's face price as well.)

The complementary CD-Rom can help even the "slow-to-get-it" person follow every effective step in both the production and marketing process. The what, when and who will prevent the missteps many of us take (or don't take).

Are you getting your share of sales to non-bookstores? Worldwide the book market is almost $90 billion--and every year about 50% are sold in non-bookstore markets.

What are these markets? Discount stores, airport stores, gift shops, museums, schools, libraries, warehouse clubs (Sam's/Costco), catalogs, book clubs, niche markets, book fairs--and to corporations when appropriate.

The content isn't for the faint hearted because the author expects you to want to sell more books--and that you will do what it takes. If you are NOT that person, don't bother reading Beyond the Bookstore.

And the trouble is
if you don't risk anything
you risk even more. --Erica Jong, author and poet

Priced at $21.99 through our link on Amazon, if you are an author and really want to promote your book, this is a BARGAIN--it is an impressive "how-to" class in one book you can return to often.

I got the idea reading through the book that if the idea has EVER been thought of, Jud has it in this book. It's comprehensive. It's easy to understand and use. If you are a published author or want to be--and if you understand that you must be part of promoting your book, the steps for marketing and the bonus CD "make it easier."

Armchair Interviews says: Beyond the Bookstore by Brian Jud is an excellent (and essential) addition to your sales effort! Why invent the wheel? Get behind Jud's ideas and push--and the effort won't feel so "uphill."

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