And Then There Was One

Published By: Oceanview Publishing

Book Category: Fiction,

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Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid

5/5 Stars

Scott and Katie Monroe have a lot going for them. Both have successful careers, they have a lovely home in Florida and three beautiful daughters. Sammie, Alex and Jackie are identical triplets but with their own special personalities. However, when Sammie and Alex are kidnapped Scott and Katie’s world is crushed.

While Katie and the triplets are visiting in Detroit, Danielle, Katie’s niece, took the three girls out to see a movie, the girls disagreed on what to see. Danielle and Jackie went to see Star Wars and Sammie and Alex went to the other movie to see Night at the Museum. Sammie and Alex did not come out of the movie. Danielle contacted her grandmother who immediately went to the mall and contacted security. Lucy also phoned Scott who was in New York and asked that he come to Detroit.

Scott rushes to Detroit and the couple clings to each other and to Jackie while waiting for some news of their daughters. The police are doing everything that they can but they have no real clues. The security at the mall is still questioning mall visitors hoping to find some clue.

Jackie is so torn with guilt for wanting to go to a different movie that she collapses and is hospitalized. The parents now have all three children in danger.

The suspense builds as the author introduces different characters that might have had something to do with the kidnapping but when the true kidnapper is revealed it turns out to be a very surprising twist to an exciting story. 

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