America's Seashore: Guide to Plants and Animals

Published By: Fulcrum Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

American's Seashore is part of a series that includes deserts, mountains, wetlands and prairies.

Author Marianne Wallace was encouraged by Mr. Page, her high school biology teacher, and we're all blessed by it. Heck, there are no children in my house but this book is staying here for my personal reference.

Each seashore that makes up the United States is described, shown on a map with great illustration by the author of the birds, animals, plans and terrain.

Did you know that five of the seven types of sea turtles in the world live in the Gulf of Mexico? And that after the female lays her eggs on shore, she returns to the sea?

This is a great book to entertain and educate children. If you will be traveling to any of the coasts, your child will understand the area much better--and so will you.

Armchair Interviews says: This and any of the others in the series would be a great gift for children or grandchildren or for holiday or gift giving.

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