Allure--Confessions of a Beauty Editor

Published By: Bulfinch

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Health & Fitness

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Reviewed by Rowena Brew

Allure magazine is well known as a beauty bible, and who better than the editor of this world-renowned magazine to shed light on the beauty secrets than she and others like her have been privy to for years.

This book covers everything the modern woman needs to make the most of her looks, from head to toe. This includes everything from skin care and blemishes, through how to apply makeup correctly and get that ever-elusive smoky-eyed look (without looking like a Panda that's done three rounds with Mike Tyson), to how to get the best out of your visit to the stylist/manicurist/salon.

Linda Wells, with the help of the other Allure editors, breaks through the myths that we have all believed for so long, like dabbing toothpaste on a pimple to try to get it to vanish overnight, and replaces them with practical and useful tips, such as dabbing a paste made from aspirin and water on said pimple, and leaving overnight. It works, believe me, I tried it, and am now blissfully spot-free!!

This book's honesty and humor was a pleasure to read, and will definitely be a reference book that I will be consulting for years to come. A definite for any woman who has ever wondered how to apply lip liner properly, perfect the "natural look" or break the news to a hairdresser that the style they have given you is more Kate Bush than Kate Moss.

Armchair Interviews says: Sounds like a great gift book, even for yourself.

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