Act of Treason

Published By: Atria

Book Category: Fiction, Suspense

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Reviewed by Bob Pike, CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame

Another close presidential election draws near. The Democrats are falling behind in the polls and running mates Alexander and Ross are pulling out all the campaign stops to close the gap in the polls.

After an appearance at a security summit, they rush to the next stop--and a carefully timed truck bomb explosion hits the motorcade. One of the heavily armored limos is turned over, but the other is totally destroyed. But instead of killing the candidates, Josh Alexander's wife is killed. Terrorists have succeeded in attacking on U.S. soil again.

FBI special agent Skip McMahan and CIA director Irene Kennedy are tasked with finding the perpetrators, regardless of what it takes. And what it takes is CIA operative Mitch Rapp. Unconventional methods that yield undeniable results--that phrase defines Rapp's career. Loved or hated, but never ignored. Rapp is only six months from an operation that cost him his wife and their unborn child. How will this affect his judgment and methods?

After shooting a suspect four times, in both hands and both knees, many in Washington conclude that he's gone over the edge. A clean sweep of the CIA is needed, starting with Kennedy and including Rapp. However it's hard to separate the good guys from the bad guys--the guilty from the merely corrupt. Mitch calls on people he knows are loyal to him and his country to sort the good from the bad before time runs out.

Readers will enjoy the fast pace, the plot twists and the fact that in the end good triumphs over evil.

Armchair Interviews: Another great Vince Flynn book!

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