A Writer's First Aid Kit

Published By: Pale Horse Publishing

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Writing/Publishing

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

Most agents shoo away unknown authors. If you get famous, they'll send a limo to take you food shopping and forget they shooed you away when you were struggling...that's why most writers keep their day job.

Rutberg is a writer turned agent turned college teacher--so he knows from what he speaks. An agent, he says, acts as a buffer between the writer and producer or publisher so the writer can plot stories...not revenge. At times the book is smart, other times smart-alecky, but always honest.

The author does not mince words about the difficulty of getting a book published or a screenplay accepted. His advice is to suck it up and keep trying...if your only option is to be a writer!

He has done it all, writing for TV and film, screenplays, articles, children's books, short stories, novels, non-fiction, etc. etc., so Rutberg is telling us his reality. He "has been there" and it shows.

This book is used in his college class, so it covers every aspect of writing you can image. Additionally he believes writers must know how to
--Get noticed by agents and products and publisher
--Understand contracts, copyright and what to do when you finished writing
--Adapt your work to different formats, including film treatment.

This book costs $29.95 and would be a worthwhile gift for anyone trying to understand what happens next--after you finish what you've written--the business end of writing. He broke it down into four parts: TV and Film; Children's Books; Novels and Non-Fiction Books; and Magazine Articles. He also included resources, Internet sites, a glossary and good stuff in the Appendix such as samples of different kinds of projects, query letters, letters to agents, etc. The entire process is detailed.

Armchair Interviews says: You just have to remember that an agent's or publisher's rejection is just like a reviewer's comments--it is just one person's opinion, and as Rutberg said in A Writer's First Aid Kit, if writing is your only option, you just have keep on keeping on.

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