A View of the River

Published By: Mira

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

There is no fiction writer in the United States that writes about the Native American people, their lives and history like Kathleen Eagle. And A View of the River is no exception. It is simply a beautiful blend of two people from two different worlds who come together in the celebration of life, love and acceptance.

From the first sentence 'Rebecca was dressed for drowning,' through the fascinating prologue, to the final gratifying sentence, each reader will enjoy this unforgettable story for their own reasons.

Birch Trueblood is an Ojibwe shaman practicing among the New Agers and other tourists in northern Minnesota. He's lived a life that's left him cynical about most things. And with the cynicism he's really become nothing more than a 'professional holy man' doing what he needs to do to get along. But Trueblood isn't completely lost; he has a nine-year-old daughter, Robin that he loves deeply and is raising alone since his wife died.

When Trueblood is hired by an eccentric woman, Meg, to communicate with the ghosts of Rosewood, a new bed-and-breakfast located in an historic old house, things change. Meg brings the shaman to Rosewood and ultimately to Rochelle LeClair. Rochelle and Trueblood have met in the past and while she believes him to be a fake, she's drawn to him, as he is to her. Their journey begins as secrets of the past and the heart come to light. The lucky reader gets to come along for a scintillating ride.

Armchair Interviews says: This is a book you'll enjoy reading and then will think about long after you've finished. We eagerly look forward to Eagle's next release!

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