A Rogue in a Kilt

Published By: Zebra

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

If you enjoy the historical romance genre and haven't met Sandy Blair, author of A Rogue in a Kilt, then I'd like to introduce you. Blair has written a warm, inviting, exciting, intriguing and tender love story. It is the story of Sir Angus McDougall and Birdalane.

A hasty bet has Angus McDougall scouring the countryside to find a bride. He must do so within three months in order to claim the prize of a castle. Should he fail in his quest, he will lose six months' salary and be humiliated as well. Of course this strong and bold man has no fear of failure. Yet, after two months of searching, Angus is no closer to finding a bride than when he began. He decides it might be time to step up his search and broaden his criteria.

Birdalane lives alone in the woodland. She has a mystical gift that allows her to heal others, but not without cost to her. A chance meeting with Angus and a careless phrase binds them to each other for a year and a day. Birdalane bravely leaves the only home she has known to follow Angus throughout Scotland. Their travels are filled with danger -- there are gifts that are received and selflessly given, joy and grief -- all before they reach their destination and accept the truth of their hearts.

I wiped a tear or two, laughed more than a little and felt warm and satisfied when the story ended. www.armchairinterviews.com recommends reading Sandy Blair's, A Rogue in a Kilt.


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