A Million Thanks: My Campaign to Send One Million Letters to Our Troops

Published By: Doubleday

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

"People are very opinionated about the war in Iraq. But no matter what your political beliefs are, the fact is that young people these days are risking their lives—and you have to respect that." So says 15-year-old Shauna Fleming, Orange, California high school student.

Fleming decided to "do something" for those serving our country. Her idea was to get her school and others involved in writing letters to service people—1 million letters.

Many thought this was too big a goal for a freshman, but they were wrong. With the help of students in other Christian schools as well as people of all ages, she was able to collect and then hand deliver the millionth letter to President Bush in November 2004, only seven months after she started.

When Fleming was 13, her family helped prepare a Thanksgiving meal and celebration for families at a nearby military base. So thinking of the military families was not new for the Flemings.

Now Shauna's goal is 1.4 million letters, one for every person in the military service because May is National Military Appreciation Month.

Her book, A Million Thanks, contains 45 of Shauna's favorite letters and drawings as well as stories of how her life has changed since beginning her project. She recounts responses the letters have prompted from service men and women. Amazing young woman, amazing stories of what one committed and energetic person can do to make a difference in a million soldiers' lives.

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