A Mending at the Edge

Published By: WaterBrook Press

Book Category: Fiction, Historical

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Reviewed by Laura V. Hilton

Emma Wagner Giesy has escaped from her abusive second husband, Jack, and she is going to the Oregon Territory to help found a communal society. But she isn’t truly free. She is forced to live in Keil’s house, Keil is the “commune” leader, who is married with children–but he is “BOSS” no one does anything without his permission. So since Emma is a woman she is not entitled to have her own home so she is forced to live in a small room with her four children in Keil’s house until she “reconciles” with her abusive husband.

Emma works hard to support herself, but every penny she earns goes to her estranged abusive husband. A woman doesn’t have any right to have any money of her own.

When Jack shows up at the commune, Emma is scared for her children’s safely, and her own. After all, she hasn’t completely healed from the last time Jack beat her. But Jack leaves the commune of his own free will, something Emma isn’t allowed to do when her parents come out to the Oregon Territory.

Illness threatens the commune and Emma is forced to work harder than ever. When death comes calling, everything changes. But will they change for good?

A Mending at the Edge is based on a true story and is the third and final book in the Change and Cherish series. At times the way the story is told, keeping me from being completely engaged in it, but knowing that this story is actually a historical account keep the pages turning. At the end of the book, author Kirkpatrick shares where she got all her information, and fills in some of the missing pieces to the best of her ability.

I never did fully connect with Emma, but I did feel sympathetic toward her plight—a woman, in a man’s world, separated from her abusive husband, yet everything she had and would get would always belong to that husband. I hoped things would work out for her.

Armchair Interviews says: Discussion questions are included at the end of the book useful for book clubs.

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