A Delirious Summer

Published By: Revell

Book Category: Fiction, Christian

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Reviewed by Shirley Christensen

A Delirious Summer is the sequel to Flabbergasted. This time Neil Rucker acts as narrator, although many of the same characters from Flabbergasted make an appearance.

Neil Rucker is a missionary working as a language instructor in Ecuador. Rucker is about to embark on an 8-week furlough. After he tells Jay (from Flabbergasted) that he has been dateless for 7 months, one week, two days and counting…Jay tells him about the girls in Greenville, South Carolina—and convinces him to spend his furlough there.

Rucker decides to follow Jay's suggestion and travels to South Carolina where he meets Darcy, Lydia and Alexis, mingles with the men's singles group, and goes on the annual beach vacation.

Life is good until disaster strikes in Ecuador and Allie and Jay need help. The group immediately leaves South Carolina for Ecuador to help.

A Delirious Summer has quirky characters and crazy situations. It's another lighthearted read with a lot of laughs and includes spiritual insights. I enjoyed A Delirious Summer, but not as much as I enjoyed Flabbergasted.

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