A Deadly Row

Published By: Berkley

Book Category: Fiction, Mystery & Detective

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Reviewed by Pat Reid

Savannah Stone creates math and logic puzzles that appear in more than forty-two papers.  Zach, Savannah’s husband, was the police chief in Charlotte, North Carolina before an on the job injury forced him into early retirement.  Zach is trying to use his expertise as a police chief to start his own consulting business.

A phone call from Davis Rawles who stepped into Zach’s position sets Savannah on edge. She feels that Rawles has been soliciting too much free advice from Zach.   Rawles informs Zach that Mayor Grady Winslow is receiving threats that seem to be tied to an unknown suspect that had already committed two murders.  He asks for Zach’s help before the Mayor becomes another victim in the string of murders.

Davis informs Zach that the couple will be staying at the Belmont, a very exclusive hotel and all consulting fees will be paid. This is a deal too good to pass up so the couple leaves their suburban home for Charlotte.   When they arrive at the Belmont, they discover that the billionaire owner of the Belmont employed one of the murder victims and that is why the Stones are staying at the Belmont.  The owner feels that it is his contribution to the murder investigation.

As the couple work together to try to piece together the clues that are available, they discover that the killer is sending clues to the police in the form of a puzzle.  As Savannah and Zach work against time to discover the identity of the killer, before he claims another victim Savannah also discovers a puzzling secret from her past.

A Deadly Row is a very different and exciting mystery with a conclusion that will surprise most readers

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