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Most recent Poetry Book Reviews

Hum Ann Lauterback

Reviewed by Kathleen J. Pettit

Ann Lauterback is an adventurer who takes us on a journey into the unknown with her poetry. She writes in fragments, leaving yawning gaps for us to bridge in…

The Maverick Room Thomas Ellis

Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Thomas Sayers Ellis' debut work, The Maverick Room, has "urban" written all over it. It is an edgy and thought-provoking collection of poems. In it Ellis…

The Night Sky: Writings on the Poetics of Experience Ann Lauterbach

Reviewed by Kathleen J. Pettit

For those new to Ann Lauterbach's poetry, I recommend reading The Night Sky, writings on the poetics of experience. Starting with the introduction, she asserts,…

Free Stallion: Poems Amber Tamblyn

Reviewed by Barbara Broom

These poems, written by accomplished TV and movie actress, Amber Tamblyn, are the real thing: the journey, the exploration, growing pains and determination.


Forever Moments David Lewis

Reviewed Laura Langer

This book of poems is filled with the simply stated love of a man for the people and things around him in his daily life. The poems are filled with everyday statements…

And This Was My Happy Ending Kevin Staniec

Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

"When fate finds fiction, anything can happen...a story of love from a man's perspective."

Kevin Staniec is a teacher in the Creative Writing Conservatory at the Orange…

Hero Island Stephen Wiley

Reviewed by Jennifer Peacey

Hero Island is an inspired journey through the seasons, set primarily in northern Vermont. This slim book of poetry captures the essence of life in rural New…

A House Waiting for Music David Hernandez

Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

A House Waiting for Music by David Hernandez is proof that poetry is not made of happy memories; rather it suggests that the function of happy memories (or…

Poet's Choice Edward Hirsch

Reviewed by Sharon Broom

"Poetry is a necessary part of our planet." Edward Hirsch

Poet and critic, Edward Hirsch offers the reader an opportunity to experience poetry and the world in a new…

Swithering Robin Robertson

Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

The definition of "swither" means to suffer indecision or doubt. Robin Robertson's book of poetry, Swithering consists of a broad range of subjects--and there is no…

Songs in Search of a Voice Marcus Harris

Reviewed by Sara A. Baker

Marcus Harris's first collection of poetry, Songs in Search of a Voice, records the solos of a variety of characters, from burdened mothers to unrequited lovers. In…

Somewhere During the Spin Cycle Joseph Mills

Reviewed by Cai Smith

The poetry of Joseph Mills is evocative, expressive and truly thought provoking. I've always envied those who can easily take their thoughts about the world and put them…

Seven Bridges Dessa Reed

Reviewed by Cheryl Hiltibran

Dessa Byrd Reed's book Seven Bridges is a journey in poetry, writing and self-help. Dessa's a poet, writer and teacher. Moving easily from rhymed-and-timed stanzas…

The Typewriter Julie Marie

Reviewed by Linda Lee

People who have passed through the author's life have inspired both prose and poetry. She seems to have been affected by many: Family members, friends, and acquaintances.…

Unscrambled Eggs Nadia Brown

Reviewed by Patty Inglish

This book of 60 poems is a five-year diary that speaks to young women who have been hurt by people they trusted, but found untrustworthy. They were men, mostly, who…


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