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Most recent House & Home Book Reviews

The New Southwest Home Suzanne Martinson

Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

I love other people's homes because I get decorating tips, art suggestions, perhaps color ideas and room layout pointers for furniture. I also like other people's…

Preston Bailey's Design for Entertaining: Preston Bailey

Reviewed by Yuka Mizushima

Subtitled: Inspiration for Creating the Party of Your Dreams

Worried about the upcoming holiday party you have to plan? You (and all your friends) know what Martha…

Harmonious Environment Norma Lehmeier-Hartie

Reviewed by Yuka Mizushima

Worried about what your family is being exposed to? Are you hoping to increase your wealth or find love this year? Trying to decide on the best color to paint your…

The Art of Redesign - 5 Simple Steps to No-Cost Redecorating Val Sharp

Reviewed by Barbara L. Fielder

The title says it all, finally a home makeover book with a zero budget. Redesign is all about taking what you already have (the space, furniture, walls, big…

This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market Diane Keyes

Reviewed by Debra Kiefat

This Sold House by Diane Keyes is a homeowner’s dream guide for preparing their house to sell. She has taken the mystery out of “staging your home to…

Create the Space You Deserve: An Artistic Journey to Expressing Yourself Through Your Home Jill Butler

Reviewed by Diane Snyder

Create the Space You Deserve is not a how-to book on putting up wallpaper or tiling your bathroom. Instead this book gives inspiring words, peptalks and guidance to…


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